Skin Antioxidant's


Summer is officially here! my next few posts will be about looking after our skin while playing outdoors.

Skin Antioxidant is wonderful for anyone looking for anti-aging or extra protection from UV radiation ie. all of us! When we are young we make collagen and break it down, and make it and break it down. From our mid 20's we make less collagen each year but enzymes continue to break it down. UV light encourages this breaking down which is where these 7 plant nutrients come in. Each one plays a different role. 

Lycopene - One of the best plant nutrients for donating its electron (free radicals are unpaired electrons wreaking havoc to our cells).

Lutien - Filters light, therefore wonderful for those concerned with hyper-pigmentation.

Green Tea - Helps with elasticity, skin texture and trans-epidermal water loss.

Grape Seed Extract - Inhibits collagenase (the enzyme that breaks down collagen).

Curcumin - Reduces inflammation

Vitamin A - Important to cell production and growth. Stimulates the cell responsible for the skin’s firm and healthy tissue. It is known as the anti-aging vitamin.

Bilberry - Strengthens capillaries

All of these antioxidants working together really help to reduce the amount of light and UV radiation that gets to the Melanocyte (pigment producing cell) and how the skin reacts to light. Recommended daily- especially during the summer months with our long days and outdoor lifestyle.

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