Remedy - Esthetics & Skin Specialist


Dermal needling

At Remedy we use the eDermastamp® - the only micro needling device approved by Health Canada. Skin needling is a minimally-invasive, non-surgical and non-ablative procedure for facial rejuvenation. It uses microscopic needles to penetrate the skin, the depth of the needles can be adjusted from 0.1mm to 1.5mm depending on which area of the face we are treating.

As the needles are applied over the skin, tiny punctures are created within the epidermis and dermis that encourage the skin’s own natural healing response. The controlled injury triggers the body to fill these micro-wounds by producing new collagen and elastin in the dermis. In addition, new capillaries are formed. This vascularisation and collagen production following treatment lead to skin rejuvenation and a reduction of scars, with improved skin texture, firmness and hydration.

You can expect redness for two-to-three days, no make-up is to be applied to the area for 24 hours after, you will be supplied with a Post Treatment Kit to be applied from 12 hours after the procedure every day for one week. We recommend to limit sun exposure for at least 14 days because the skin is very sensitive post-procedure.

It is not recommended to have micro needling until at least 2 weeks after Botox and 4 weeks after a filler.