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Waxing and Tinting

Waxing and tinting

At Remedy we offer a range of professional and expert hair removal. For best results please don't shave at least for 2 to 3 weeks, hair should be 5-10mm in length.

We only use hard wax for Brazilians and offer lower price if you come within 6 weeks.

Bikini Line - is a basic tidying; we wax the sides (your panty line) so if you’re wearing a bikini, this will prevent any hairs from “peeking out”.

Extended bikini - The next step allows you to take off more hair from the front and top.

Brazilian - goes from the front, all the way to the back. This is perfect for a completely nude look or you can leave a neat triangle, strip, or square on the front.

To prevent ingrown hairs or further skin irritation, we recommend that you exfoliate and moisturise 2x weekly.